Toronto magazine ranks “female lawyers” according to Looks


I was taking a break from court today when a friend sent me a link to an article that is so cringe-worthy and blatantly sexist that I could barely read it.

Narcity, a Toronto lifestyle magazine, penned this ridiculous piece entitled “16 of Toronto’s most Beautiful Female Lawyers”.  The author, Nicole Kalashnikova, writes:

There is no stronger force than a beautiful lady who knows her rights. I mean, who could resist a beautiful woman in the courtroom? These ladies have got the looks, the knowledge and the attitude to prove your innocence.  Here is a list of Toronto’s most beautiful female lawyers that will use their time, dedication, passion and beauty to sweep the judge off the bench.

The article displays the photos of 16 lawyers, along with their names and practice areas. The photos have been taken from their professional LinkedIn profiles or their law firm websites, and some of the lawyers are even wearing their official court robes.

A source has confirmed that at least two of the lawyers in this list were included without their permission or knowledge.

While I am sure Kalashnikova thinks this piece is funny, it is just pathetic and sexist. Newsflash, it is 2016. Females are lawyers, and the correct term is “lawyer”, not “female lawyer”. We have worked hard to get to where we are in a profession that is still largely male-dominated. Law is not what you have seen in the movie “Legally Blonde”. Looks do not matter – your legal arguments and hard work do.

I welcome Kalashnikova to join me at my next “Young Women in Law” event so that she can meet some amazing, brilliant lawyers, and get over her stereotypes of women in the legal profession.

Top Law Twitter Accounts in British Columbia


By: Kathryn Marshall

As we have previously done in Ontario and Alberta, Lawsome has helpfully compiled the top law twitter accounts in BC. Follow these accounts to stay on top of interesting and timely legal news, industry developments and breaking cases in British Columbia.

  • BC Injury Lawyer @BCInjuryLaw – BC personal injury lawyer – also runs a great blog
  • David Eby @Dave_Eby – former head of BC Civil Liberties Foundation – now NDP MLA
  • Warren Smith – @lawheadhunter – Managing Partner of the Counsel Network (legal recruiter – he posts a lot of interesting career advice and tips)
  • Law Society of BC @LawSocietyofBC
  • Trial Lawyer’s Association of BC @TLA_BC
  • Pivot Legal Society @PivotLegal
  • Canadian Bar Association –BC @CBA_BC
  • BC Civil Liberties Foundation @BCCLA
  • Keith Fraser: Province reporter – covers Vancouver Courts @keithrfraser
  • Kim Bolan: Vancouver Sun crime reporter @kbolan
  • Justice Institute of BC @JIBCNews
  • Access Pro Bono BC @AccessProBono



Newly launched legal innovation zone is ‘Lawsome’


By: Kathryn Marshall

When it comes to technology, the legal profession is not known for being an early adapter. Indeed, law firms are likely the reason that fax machine companies are still in business.

This is slowly changing. More and more, the legal industry is embracing technology and looking at ways to make legal services more accessible in our tech savvy world. Some of this innovation is happening right here in Toronto.

I had the opportunity to check out the newly launched Legal Innovation Zone (LIZ) at Ryerson University. They’ve dubbed themselves “Canada’s First Legal Incubator”, and they are doing some pretty awesome (dare I say Lawsome) stuff.

I sat down with LIZ Director Hersh Perlis, who explained the purpose behind the incubator was to help design and develop a 21st century justice system by fostering innovation. LIZ is partnering with companies and individuals who are working on their own legal innovation projects. LIZ is also partnering with law firms to help them innovate internally.

Unlike some incubators, LIZ does not provide funds. Rather, their goal is to create a “culture of innovation”, as Hersh puts it.  LIZ provides an energetic, open concept workspace and mentorship in exchange for participants bringing their ideas and innovation to the table.

LIZ workspace
LIZ workspace

Hersh made a point of emphasizing that LIZ is not a think tank. Their goal isn’t to generate reports or research, it is to come up with “solutions that can be implemented right away”, says Hersh.

So far there are 7 teams working with LIZ, and I had a chance to speak with some of them while I was touring the center. The teams were all working on ideas that will make our legal system easier for the public to navigate – from finding a lawyer to figuring out the court system. That was refreshing to see, since a lot of legal tech innovation these days is geared towards making it easier for lawyers and firms to do their jobs.

LIZ currently has 16 work stations, however they are hoping to grow their space and are accepting applications for participants on a rolling basis. So far, the response to LIZ from the legal industry has been very friendly, says Hersh. They had a packed room for their April launch and have seen a steady stream of applications.

So – do you have an idea to help develop a justice system fit for the tech age? Consider applying to LIZ. You never know, your idea may be the next big thing in law since the fax machine!

Top Alberta Law Twitter Accounts


By: Kathryn Marshall

In follow up to our popular listing of the top law twitter accounts in Ontario, Lawsome has put together this handy list of the top law twitter accounts in Alberta for all our western readers. Stay tuned for the upcoming British Columbia list!

  1. @UofALawFaculty University of Alberta Faculty of Law
  2. @AlbertaJSG Alberta Justice and Solicitor General
  3. @LawDeanHolloway University of Calgary Law Dean
  4. @UCalgaryLaw University of Calgary Faculty of Law
  5. @theLLivingstone Laurie Livingstone, Calgary lawyer
  6. @ABlawg The University of Calgary Faculty of Law blog
  7. @ThatLawyerGuy Andrew Cao, Edmonton Lawyer
  8. @StevenDollansky Steven Dollansky, Edmonton Lawyer
  9. @immalawyercanada Raj Sharma, Calgary immigration lawyer
  10. @woolleylaw Alice Wooley, Professor at University of Calgary Faculty of Law
  11. @ts_tidbits Theresa Yukerwich, Calgary Lawyer and blogger
  12. @altalawreview Alberta Law Review – Published by the law students at U of A and U of C
  13. @petersankoff Peter Sankoff, Professor at U of A Faculty of Law
  14. @ABlawreform Alberta Law Reform Institute
  15. @Dave_Khan David Khan, Calgary Aboriginal law lawyer
  16. @JonathanDenisAB: Jonathan Denis, Calgary lawyer and former AB Attorney General, Solicitor General
  17. @getmorevoteles: Leslie Stitt, Lawyer
  18. @CBCMeg Megan Grant, Calgary reporter with focus on court and crime
  19. @ZhivovLaw Vladimir Zhivov, Personal Injury lawyer in Calgary
  20. @AirdrieRob Rob Anderson, Lawyer and former MLA






Top Ontario law twitter accounts – part 1


by: Kathryn Marshall

These days, you don’t just need to rely on legal publications to get your law news. There are plenty of informal sources too, like social media. Lawsome has compiled this handy list of the top Ontario law twitter accounts to follow to get the latest law news at your fingertips:

  1. Law Times: @LawTimes (Ontario legal news online publication)
  2. Obiter Dicta: @obiterdictaoz (Osgoode Hall student newspaper)
  3. Precedent Magazine: @PrecedentMag (Toronto lifestyle magazine for lawyers)
  4. Ultra Vires: @UltraVires (Student newspaper for @UTLaw)
  5. Ontario Bar Association: @OBAToday
  6. Toronto Lawyers Association: @TLAVoice
  7. Law Society Upper Canada: @LawsocietyLSUC
  8. Brenda Hollingsworth: @OttawaLawyers (Ottawa personal injury lawyer)
  9. Mr. Toronto Lawyer: @selwynpieters (Human rights and civil litigator)
  10. Chantal Desloges: @Twimmigration (Toronto Immigration Lawyer)
  11. Omar HaRedeye: @OmarHaRedeye (Toronto Lawyer and legal academic)
  12. Daniel Brown: @DanielBrownLaw (Toronto Criminal Defense Lawyer)
  13. Sean Robichaud: @SeanRobichaud (Toronto criminal defense lawyer)
  14. Anjli Patel: @bluechipfashion (Toronto Fashion Lawyer)
  15. Melissa Kluger: @MelissaKluger (Lawyer and publisher of Precedent Magazine and Precedent A-List)
  16. Jeff Gray: @jeffreybgray (Law Reporter, Globe and Mail)
  17. Lisa Feldstein: @lisaFeldstein (Ontario health Lawyer with focus on family health law)
  18. Garry J. Wise: @wiselaw (Toronto lawyer-  employment and family law)
  19. Andrew Mercer: @AndrewLMercer (Toronto insurance lawyer and author)
  20. Yours truly, Kathryn Marshall: KVMarshall (Lawyer and Columnist – creator of