Nominations for Canadian Law Blogs Awards

It is the time of year for the Canadian Law Blogs Awards, and this year will be the 10th annual awards. Firstly, thanks to all our readers for following us since we launched April 2015. It has been a fun ride so far and we have managed to meet some really interesting people doing innovative things in the legal market. Our goal with this blog is to highlight the great things Canada’s legal industry is up to. Please take a moment to nominate us for a “Clawbie” – you can read about the process here.

We want to spread the love and nominate a few of our favorite law blogs:

Best Practitioner Blog:

1) Erik Magraken who runs BC Personal Injury blog – this is a British Columbia specific blog but a great tool for anyone who practices personal injury, insurance defence or general civil litigation. Erik is always on top of the latest developments in case law.

2) Lisa Feldstein’s Blog: She runs a Family Health Law blog, an interesting niche area that is increasingly becoming a growing area of law, especially as technology surrounding reproductive health advances.

3) Michael Geist: He runs a tech law blog that is chock-full of interesting and timely posts.



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